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Weekly Tip – Unsubscribe


How much money are you wasting on unused subscriptions?  Cut your unused subscriptions. Do you have cable, Netflix, Hulu, and other television subscriptions?  Do you use all of them?  Cutting down to just one subscription service can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Weekly Tip- Set Limits


Have trouble controlling your spending? Set up a 48 hour rule when it comes to spending over a certain amount, even if your hold limit is $20 it will help curb you spending on a whim.

Weekly Tip – DIY Cleaning


We’ve all seen the Pinterest posts about all the savings from natural diy cleaning products.  Create your own air freshener to not only save on harmful chemicals in your home but money in your pocket. Air fresheners sold in the store can be as expensive as $4 a bottle.  If you purchase just one bottle a month you’d be spending $48 on air freshener alone.  Imagine a whole arsenal of natural cleaning products you can make at home will save you.  My absolutely favorite cleaning products are vinegar and baking soda.

Weekly Tip – Coupons



Coupons please! At one time in my couponing days I would save 75% on my grocery shopping.  It takes time, but you can significantly reduce your grocery bill!  now many stores make it easy for you to save a few extra dollars by providing digital coupons.  You can download your store’s app, create an account and start adding your coupons today!  Not sure where to find coupons?  You can use a coupon clipping service.

Weekly Tip – Cut Water Usage


This week let’s look at ways to reduce our water usage.  I’m a big fan of long hot showers, with a house full of kids it’s sometimes the only place I have a moment of silence, to save on your water consumption limit your shower to 5-10 minutes.  A few ways we can reduce our water usage include

  • Turn off the water when brushing your teeth.
  • Turn off the water while soaping your hands.
  • Reuse your water.  Boil pasta, save the water to water your plants.  Shower, place a bucket to catch excess water you can water the plants, flush your toilet, mop you floors.
  • Fix water leaks.
  • Wash your car in the rain.
  • Replace your water wasting toilets and faucets.
  • Wash your dishes and clothes only when the machines are full.
  • Wash by hand and conserve water by using sinks and remember to turn the water off when washing.
  • Have  garden? Collect rainwater in  barrel to water them.  You can also use your collected rainwater to wash your car and pets.
  • Save as much as 15 gallons a day by placing a plastic bottle filled with sand or pebbles in your toilet tank. It’s a great alternative if you can’t replace your toilets with low flow toilets.


Valentines Day Tips

Valentine’s Day Tips Under Budget

The desire to spend lots of money often happens around February 14th. It’s a time when prior planning, savings, and budgets can go out the window to show loved ones how much you care. This Valentines use these helpful tips to keep your budget in tack and your spending under control.

1. Buy on sale. Just about every store will have some sort of sell for the upcoming holidays. Make sure you save big buy buying on sale. You can find heavily discounted jewelry this time of year.

2. Comparison shop. Find something in store you want to purchase, make sure you check the price online. Most stores will have a price match for the same item. If the store won’t price match, buy it online and save.

3. Create your own flower arrangement. My local Kroger often has flowers on sale, they are can be heavily discounted. Purchase a few bunches for a fraction of the online price and create a wonderful arrangement.

4. Think outside the box. Come up with a creative alternative to spending money like surprising your sweetie with a homemade lunch, bake some cookies, compile a book of love poems, create a photo book of memories of you two.

5. Create personalized notes. Leave personalized notes around for the whole month of February for your spouse.

6. Belated Valentines. You can shop the day after Valentines and get discounted chocolate for your significant other or even yourself. Just a word of warning, saving a few bucks by celebrating the holidays later could get you in the dog house.

Weekly Tip – Start your 401K

pexels-photo-164474.jpegDoes your company provide 401k matching? Are you taking advantage of it?  If you’re not investing or invest the most to get the employer paid match you’re throwing good money away.  Talk to your employer to see if that option is available to you.  If your already invest, are you maxing out your contributions to get the most out of your retirement?