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Weekly Tip – Garage Sale


pexels-photo-327173.jpegClean out your stuff again and hold a garage sale. If you don’t feel you have enough, make it a community or neighborhood sale. Make sure you advertise to get the most traffic.

Weekly Tip – Eliminate Debt


Consolidate your debt. Debt is a “dirty” word when it comes to your credit cards, high interest loans, pay day loans, you get the idea.  Keep your debt at zero or no more than 10% of your credit line.  Eventually get to a point where you’re paying off your credit card each month.  Your credit report will thank you, trust me.  You can regularly check your credit report at Credit Karma for free.

Weekly Tip – Create Space


It’s Spring, time for yard sales and Spring cleaning.  Clean out those big items you have no use for.  Use one of the many apps available to find ways to bring in a few extra dollars for your savings and clear out clutter from your home.  Not sure where to start below find a list to get you on your way to making a little extra money.

LetGo – is an online app that connects buys with sellers.  You post your items set a price, buyers contact you, accept their offer and agree to meet up.

OfferUp –  is another online app that allows you to sell items you no longer want.  A nice feature is that you can also post it on facebook.

Cplus – I had not heard about this app.  It’s a third party app for craigslist.  Who knew?

5Miles –  It also has a facebook feature which is nice.  You’re able to see who of your friends are using the app.  When it comes to receiving payment you can do it in cash or use in the app purchase.

With anything use your best judgement.  If meeting up to sell something do it in a public area, exchange cash, and be aware of your surroundings.

Weekly Tip – Clean Out Your Clutter


Clean out your junk drawer. We all have one, that small black whole of a space where all of the misc. items end up.  Take 10 minutes to clean it all out, its the start of reducing the clutter in your life and simplifying your living.  After you clean out the junk drawer tackle the stack of unread junk mail.  Get to the habit of simply getting rid of your junk mail right after walking in the house.  I sort it in the kitchen an immediately recycle them.

Weekly Tip – Green Thumb It


Develop a green thumb, household plants not only add beauty to your home, they also act as a natural filter improving air quality.  If you love to cook you can add fresh herbs to all of your meals simply by growing them at home.

Weekly Tip – Buy Local


Buy locally grown fruits, veggies, and meat for fresher products and cheaper costs than many big box stores. Many towns have a local farmers market where you can find great fresh locally grown fruits and veggies.

Weekly Tip – Unsubscribe


How much money are you wasting on unused subscriptions?  Cut your unused subscriptions. Do you have cable, Netflix, Hulu, and other television subscriptions?  Do you use all of them?  Cutting down to just one subscription service can save you hundreds of dollars each year.