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Weekly Tip – Green Thumb It


Develop a green thumb, household plants not only add beauty to your home, they also act as a natural filter improving air quality.  If you love to cook you can add fresh herbs to all of your meals simply by growing them at home.

Weekly Tip – Buy Local


Buy locally grown fruits, veggies, and meat for fresher products and cheaper costs than many big box stores. Many towns have a local farmers market where you can find great fresh locally grown fruits and veggies.

Weekly Tip – Unsubscribe


How much money are you wasting on unused subscriptions?  Cut your unused subscriptions. Do you have cable, Netflix, Hulu, and other television subscriptions?  Do you use all of them?  Cutting down to just one subscription service can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Weekly Tip- Set Limits


Have trouble controlling your spending? Set up a 48 hour rule when it comes to spending over a certain amount, even if your hold limit is $20 it will help curb you spending on a whim.

Weekly Tip – DIY Cleaning


We’ve all seen the Pinterest posts about all the savings from natural diy cleaning products.  Create your own air freshener to not only save on harmful chemicals in your home but money in your pocket. Air fresheners sold in the store can be as expensive as $4 a bottle.  If you purchase just one bottle a month you’d be spending $48 on air freshener alone.  Imagine a whole arsenal of natural cleaning products you can make at home will save you.  My absolutely favorite cleaning products are vinegar and baking soda.

Weekly Tip – Meal Plans


potatoes-ketchup-murder-blood-111130.jpegMeal plan. Planning out your meals for the week as you plan your grocery shopping list.  By planning your meals ahead of time you’ll be able to reduce wasting food and and money on items that spoil.  Did you know the average American household throws away up to $2275 a year in food.  A little planning can help you save money!

Coupon Clipping Services


Want to start using coupons, but don’t know of a service where you can obtain them.  In the beginning, when I first started using coupons I was overwhelmed by the amount of choices that were out there.  I did find that not all coupon clipping services were the same.

The Coupon Clippers – You can purchase whole inserts or individual coupons clipped.  There is a handling fee for each and a minimum of $3 before shipping.  By clicking on the link, I may receive a small commission.  Thank you for your support.

Klip2Save – Offers coupons from coupons from all the major sources without fees.  They charge a $1 for upto 1000 coupons.

West Coast Clipping Service – Offers coupons in batches of 10, but you can order as few as 5 coupons with a flat rate of $1 shipping for first class mail.  If you need your coupons quicker, they offer options for priority and express shipping as well.

The Coupon Carryout – In a hurry to get your coupons?  You can have your orders shipped the same day when you order before 12:00 pm noon EST.  It’s just a $3 minimum order for the service and coupons.  Spend $15 or more and you can receive free shipping.  By purchasing from the link, I may receive a small commission.  Thank you for your support.