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Free Money Your Trowing Away 401K

401 money

I work full time and my company offers 401k matching finds. It’s a benefit a lot of people don’t take advantage of this great retirement strategy. A few of the reasons a person might not take advantage of investing in a 401k including lack of knowledge, belief, or fear.

When I first started with my employer I had no knowledge it was an offer to me – lack of knowledge. After learning about the 401k I still didn’t sign up right away. I was fearful. I wasn’t afraid of free money – I was afraid of the lack the investment would cause in my weekly paycheck.  When a person lives paycheck to paycheck it’s often impossible to see beyond that next paycheck.

I had made the determination to change my view and face my fear.  I researched my company’s 401k program I invested it and I left it along.  Since signing up my small investment has grown substantially, my investment is up 22.18%.

5 Minutes to Save – 401K Matching

I’ve been working at my current position over 3 years but it was just recently that I took advantage of free money my company provides. I know crazy right?  Well I finally signed up, it was painless enough and only to a few minutes to complete.  5% of my check goes into the retirement fund including any bonuses.  I never miss the money and it helps to build my retirement fund.  So this week, take a moment to see what retirement benefits they offer and then take the time to invest.

Happy Savings!