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Sonic 1/2 Price Burgers – 5/31

If you’re out and about head over to sonic for half price burgers today only!through 5-31-16

Happy Savings!


Hot FREE 8×10 Print Walgreens

Head on over to Walgreens and score a free 8×10 today!  This will be great for an inexpensive Father’s Day gift. 

Note, you must login to your Walgreens account in order to apply your coupon code.

Head to Walgreens  

Under “Prints and Enlargement” click on “Order Prints”

Upload an image of your choice

Select “Choose Sizes & Quantities”

Insert 1 for 8″x10″ Prints and add to cart

Under “Add Coupon” apply coupon code FREEPIC4U

Select free store pickup at your nearest location

National Missing Children’s Day

Today is National Missing Children’s Day.  National Missing Children’s Day is an annual observation in the United States designed to highlight the problem of child abduction. It falls on May 25 – on that date in 1979, six-year-old New Yorker Ethan Patz disappeared on his way to school. National Missing Children’s Day was first observed in 1983.

Use this day to remind your kids of the importance of being safe.  Head here to learn ways families can be safe with resources provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  Use today to take 25 minutes to talk to your children about their safety and head over to here for how to create a Child ID.

Happy Labor Day!


National Aviation Day Crafts & Printables

Today is National Aviation Day!  Celebrate with your budding Aviator with the following free crafts and printables.  Aviation Day is observed in the United States on August 19 each year to celebrate the history and development of  aviation. It coincides with the birthday of Orville Wright who, together with his brother Wilbur, made significant contributions to powered flight.

In 1939 President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed August 19th to be National Aviation Day. Orville Wright and his brother Wilbur are given credit for building the world’s first successful airplane with aircraft controls that enabled them to steer the plane. Orville Wright made the first flight for 12 seconds and 120 feet around the site of Wright Brothers National Memorial on December 17, 1903. They were not the first to build and fly experimental aircraft but they are the first to invent aircraft controls that made fixed wing flight possible.

Happy Birthday Mr. Wright now lets celebrate!

Free Crafts

If you’re in Georgia, you can attend the Museum of Aviation free daily 9am – 5pm.

Happy 4th of July!


Happy Father’s Day!