Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy 2018!!!

This year I want to get my finances in order and spend less and live more. I’m not financially secure but that doesn’t mean I can’t get there and still find ways to enjoy life. It’s a balance that I have to find to life.

My resolution for the year is to get on track. 2018 has a lot of changes ahead and I have to prepare myself for them no matter how fearful I might be. This year I plan on getting back to being physically fit – that means making time to exercise for free or cheap.

I also plan to find new ways to create passive income. Currently I have two more books I’m working on that I will finish and market. To better help my books I also need to create a marketing strategy for those books. What’s the purpose of writing if no one reads them?

To help get and keep my finances on track I’m going to budget and get back to couponing. I’ll also have to meal plan each week to assist my couponing. Because I want to do more things I have to find inexpensive ways to do that.

It’s going to be a great year and a wonderful journey to financial freedom. I’m sure there’ll be some lessons along the way but I’m excited.

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