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Sleep Number SleepIQ – A better Sleep App?

I recently went to the Sleep Number Store to try out the new Sleep IQ technology for the Smiley360 Mission.  The store was empty and Valdmir was helpful in telling me about the new SleepIQ technology. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials for the new technology.  I have to say in my sleep deprived state I remember the comfortable bed commercials much more then the food commercials. LOL.  It’don’t know if it’s the constant night visitors – my two youngest always climb into bed with me or the fact that I’m due to delivery in February.

He explained the system worked with any Sleep Number bed and can be used with any tablet or smart phone. I already use a sleep app, the sleep cycle app that tracks my sleep. Which the technology is like. With the sleep number Sleep IQ technology you create a profile and input the different components like medicines, drinks, tv, food, etc.  This seemed very exciting, think of the possibilities.  Like other programs it tracks weeks and even gives you a monthly glimpse

It tracks your sleep and makes suggestions based on that. Simple enough, right. They had a demo already set up to see the SleepIQ technology, it however didn’t seem to allow you to add the amount or categories of drink or eat. Which would be helpful in accurately tracking how things affect your good night sleep.

It’s a great improvement over the sleep app that I use. Which I like to tell me how much of a good quality sleep I could get – which I really need.  However it only works with a sleep number bed, unfortunately I don’t have one.

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