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Lost for communication and why I heart Squaretrade

I recently had the devastation of having witness my iPhone screen go display blue and black vertical lines. I was dismayed as my phone is an important part of my life. It has all of my data and I use it through out my day. I was sadden especially at the thought of dishing out all that money for a new phone. After I calmed down a bit – yes I was upset- I remembered I had purchased a Squaretrade warranty when I purchased my phone. At the time I knew the extra $129 was an investment I had to have. I don’t do contracts. The thought if tying myself into a two year agreement sent nausea to my stomach. I like freedom of finding a better deal just around the corner. I also knew that my four wild children was a disaster waiting to happen in the grips of my phone. A warranty just made since to me. Especially with a $50 deductible and they would replace my phone for accidental damage within the 3 year period. I recently had to use my warranty. The ordeal had its ups and downs. I had scheduled my apple appointment for 5:40 and walked the two minutes to the Perimeter location arriving a few minutes early. I waited to check in and was soon after asked to sit at the table. The wait was unbelievable especially since I had an appointment. I wasn’t seen to nearly an hour after my appointment. The tech Jordan was pleasant and apologetic for the wait. He took my phone to look it over and that took no time at all. He returned to inform me they could not repair it and I could do an out of warranty replacement which cost $199. He didn’t mention the tax which brought it to $214. I agreed to do an in store replacement and 15 minutes later he returned informing me they did not have my phone in stock after all but had it at the Lenox location. He stated he would call and all I would have to do was check in and pick up my phone. I arrived at the Lenox location and there and he had not call. The tech quickly helped me and replaced my phone. I was in and out within minutes with my brand new phone. As far as my warranty I received my reimbursement within minutes of contacting Squaretrade. I called at 7:30, had the email at 7:40 and my Paypal deposit by 8:04 even though the customer representative said 2-3 business days. This is how things should be quick and courteous.


Free Children’s Museum Admission Today!

It’s Free Target Tuesday.  Today, thanks to Target, parents and children can enjoy free admission to the Children’s Museum between 1-7 pm.  Keep in mind the Children’s Museum of Atlanta is geared for children 8 and younger and there is no free parking in the area.  To save some extra money, checkout the Marta schedule.

Learn all about Target Tuesdays at the Children’s Museum.

Target Tuesday Free Admission to the Children’s Museum

This coming Tuesday you can head over to the children’s museum and receive free admission. The children’s museum is geared towards kids but I found that it’s best for younger children ages 2-7. My older kids were bored on our last visit