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National Park Week Free Admission April 22-26


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Take a moment and enjoy our national treasures this week with free entrance into participating national parks in honor of National Park Week.  Head over here for a list of participating locations.  US Military and dependents can get a free annual pass to more then 2,000 federal parks too!



Free Admission to the Children’s Museum

It’s Free Target Tuesday.  Today, thanks to Target parents and children can enjoy free admission to the Children’s Museum between 1-7 pm.  Keep in mind the Children’s Museum of Atlanta is geared for children 8 and younger and there is no free parking in the area.  To save some extra money, checkout the Marta schedule.

Learn all about Target Tuesdays at the Children’s Museum.

5 Minute Savings Step – Automatic bill payment

Today is our third step in the 5 minute savings step to help us on the path of our financial savings.  What are we tackling today?  Automatic bill payment.  Yes, it’s a step in savings, and just as important as setting up a budget and an automatic savings plan.

Benefits of paying your bills while you sleep:

  • You can set it and forget it
  • No late fees, for forgetting
  • No long lines to pay in person
  • No fees for mailing in your payment

Signing up is easy you have two options.  The first option is through your bank, most banks have where you can set up bill payments and have a check drawn automatically from your account.  They process the check and mail it off all free of charge.  You can skip the long lines waiting for a money order, or to buy stamps at the post office.  The second option is to log into your accounts and set up automatic draft.  Either payment option is usually free and only takes a few moments to set up.

Happy Savings!